Double End
TD-61 CNC KINETURN™ Center Drive Lathe Machine

   Maximum Shaft Diameter (mm)

107   Maximum Spindle R.P.M. 2500
  Maximum Length of Shaft (mm) 457   Rapid Feed Rate X (mm/sec.) 152
  Minimum Grip Length (mm) 101   Rapid Feed Rate Z (mm/sec.) 152
  Spindle Standard (kN) 29   CNC Controls GE Fanuc 18i

The TD-61 CNC KINETURN™ is a simultaneous double end turning center drive lathe machine
which is also capable of simultaneous single end turning of two individual parts.  Designed for
high speed, high quality shaft turning production, it is well suited for the turning of sawed bar or tube, sheared, extruded, forged or headed blanks from 50mm to 107mm in diameter and lengths
from 101mm to 457mm all accomplished with a “Pull” cell or automated system operation.

Maximize turning profitability with the TD-61 KINETURN™ machine and increase productivity,
reduce handling costs, minimize in-process inventory, improve axial position precision, and save
capital costs.

This center drive lathe can be equipped with turret or actuated gang tooling, post process
inspection with tool adjustment, Elevator hopper with part orientation, extended frame for longer
parts, three roll servo actuated centering steady rest, input and output conveyors.

The above information to be used as a guideline only. Final machine specifications and
capabilities will be determined by KINEFAC® Corporation based on specific applications.

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