RP- 8 KINEFLOW™ Radial Forming Machine

  Maximum Form Diameter* (mm)

25  Cycle Time 'without handling' (seconds) 3
  Maximum Form Length* (mm) 50  Total Axial Hydraulic Force (kN) 290
  Total Radial Force On All Dies** (kN) 2000   Hydraulic Cylinder Bore Diameter (mm) 152
  Maximum Number Of Dies 8   Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke (mm) 63
  Max. Dia. Thru Discharge Hole (mm) 25   Hydraulic Power Source** (kW) 3.7
  Die Cross Section (mm) 25x25    
  * Depends on depth, shape of form & metal ductility
  ** Specification are adjustable to meet specific operational requirements

The RP-8 KINEFLOW™ radial forming machine is well suited for the forming of pinions, splines,
convolutes and simular axial forms on solid or tubular blanks. These forms can be found on
components in the automovive, appliance, argucultural, mining / oil drilling, and aerospace

This metal forming machine is designed for simple mounting of feeders, and pick and place units.
With such equipment, production rates of up to 12 parts per minute can be achieved.

The above information to be used as a guideline only. Final machine specifications and
capabilities will be determined by KINEFAC® Corporation based on specific applications.

For more information call us at 508-754-6891 or email us at sales@kinefac.com