Die Rolling
MC- 6 KINEROLLER Cylindrical Die Rolling Machine

   Maximum Radial Die Load (kN)

222   Center Distance Range (mm) 47-76
  Standard Spindle Diameter (mm) 38   Spindle Skew Range ( Degrees ) --
  Standard Die Gap (mm) 142   Standard Die Drive (kW) 11
  Die Diameter Range (mm) 85-101   Maximum Rolled O.D. (mm) 76

 The MC-6 KINEROLLER™ is a high performance three cylindrical die rolling machine available
  with a horizontal or vertical rolling axis. Due to its ability to distribute loads more evenly than a 
  conventional two die rolling machine, the MC-6 is primarily designed to roll forms such as splines
  or threads on tubular parts as found on pneumatic or hydraulic fittings, fasteners, automotive
  components, off road vehicles, appliances, hand and power tools wind power although its well
  suited to roll these or other forms as on solid parts as well.

  The MC-6 KINEROLLER™ can be adapted with automatic loading to maximize production,
  or manually loaded for smaller production requirements. A KINESPIN™ centrifuge system is
  available as an option to clean and reclaim used coolant.


Brochure for MC-6-FI KINEROLLER™
Brochure for Reliable Cost Effective Spline Rolling

The above information to be used as guideline only. Final machine specifications
and capabilities will be determined by KINEFAC®
Corporation based on specific applications.
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