Die Rolling
Cylindrical Die Rolling Machine

   Maximum Radial Die Load (kN)

1335   Center Distance Range (mm) 228-457
  Standard Spindle Diameter (mm) 114   Spindle Skew Range ( Degrees ) ± 5 °
  Standard Die Gap (mm) 266   Standard Die Drive (kW) 22
  Die Diameter Range (mm) 203-304   Maximum Rolled O.D. (mm) 101

 The MC-150 POWERBOX™ with it’s ruggedly built load carrying box structure provides maximum
  stability of part diameter and straightness for the rolling of large diameter, high hardness and
  precision threads while maintaining a fixed centerline allowing for simplified tooling design.  This
  high performance infeed & thrufeed two die cylindrical thread rolling machine is typically used to
  produce precision thread forms on cylinder head bolts, rock drill shafts, gas compressor rods,
  pipe flange studs, turbine casing bolts, piston rods, engine head studs, blower shafts, jack
  screws, cylinder tie rods, propeller hub studs, tower anchor bolts, control rods, lead screws for
  gas or coal power plants, steam and wind turbines, nuclear reactor vessels, power transmission
  lines & other similar products that require a precision thread roller to meet their needs.

  The MC-150 KINEROLLER™ may be equipped with our KINETROL™ NC rolling control system
  that provides the operator with complete control of the rolling process and also can be easily
  adapted with automatic loading to maximize production, or can be manually loaded for smaller
  production requirements. A KINESPIN™ centrifuge system is available as an option to clean and
  reclaim used coolant.


The above information to be used as guideline only. Final machine specifications
and capabilities will be determined by KINEFAC® Corporation based on specific applications.

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