ED-33 KINEXTRUDE™ Double End Extrusion Machine

  Hydraulic Cylinder Bore (mm)

150  Cylinder Stroke As Required
  Number of Forming Cylinders 1 or 2  Hydraulic Power Unit (kW) 74
  Number of Coaxial Mandrel Cylindrs 0, 1 or 2   Part Cross Section (mm² ) 700
 Forming Force (T) 33   Part Length Per Request

The ED-33 KINEXTRUDE™ double end extrusion machine is perfectly suited for the extruding of
Internal splines, external splines or material reduction, upset, stretching, profile changing and
deforming of solid or tubular shafts. These forms can be found on components from such
Industries as; automotive, appliance, agricultural equipment, mining or oil drilling, and
aerospace. This extrusion machine's frame is extremely stiff and the extrusion forces are in the
middle of this frame so no cantilever loads are placed on either the work piece or the tooling. CNC
allows for position and speed of the process to be controlled precisely and allows flexibility to
program the forming cycle.

This extruder is available with manual load / unload and automated part positioning or with full
automation, depending on the customer’s requirements. In most cases the hydraulics and
electrical controls are built to user specifications.

The above information to be used as a guideline only. Final machine specifications and
capabilities will be determined by Kinefac® Corporation based on specific applications.

For more information call us at 508-754-6891 or email us at sales@kinefac.com